Friday, 17 July 2015

Stealth Ultralight DXing Bag - MK2

Last month I decided to try and find a better way of carrying my ultralight radios, accessories and other bits and pieces I like to carry while out and about DXing, I looked around and weighed up using a bag against a hard carry case, I have used both methods in the past and each have advantages and disadvantages. I was keen to find a digital camera bag which was suitable but they were all either too big or too small.

Yesterday I happened to be out on another matter and noticed that a local retailer had a new line of digital camera bags, these were of various sizes and one was perfect for my needs, just fitting my 7.5” loop stick equipped TecsunPL-380 with some room to spare. This is the bag I purchased:

My plan was to attempt an improved version of my “stealth ultralight DXing bag” from early 2014, this time in a more suitable bag and with the advantage of what I learnt from this and access to a much better workshop to aid in the modification process. I wanted the keep the “stealth” look of a normal camera bag with the added protection of a hard case inside to protect my 7.5” loop stick equipped TecsunPL-380.

Some photos of the finished product are below, the hard case for my 7.5” loop stick equipped TecsunPL-380 allows for this to be removed from the top while still providing a good level of protection, this whole case can be removed easily as some double sided tape and the pressure of the other radio and battery charger are all that hold it in place (unlike my original case which was attached to the bag). The bag has enough spare space for one or two more ultralight radios when I move the battery charger to one of the other spare storage pockets. I can clip my camera to one side, drink bottle to the other, add a food bar and off I can go DXing, not looking like anything more than a photographer. The last photo shows just how much stuff I have been able to fit in this bag.


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