Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ultralight DXing Report - Mt George / Low Head, Tasmania

Date: 05/04/2014
Time: 9:40am - 11:30am
Location: Mt George Lookout / Low Head light house
Radio: 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380
Total stations logged: 34 - Mt George. 38 - Low Head
New stations logged: 0
Furthest station logged: 963kHz - 5SE (Mount Gambier) - 664km
Medium wave radio challenge 2014 Score: 144

Notes: This morning my wife and I headed for a drive down to Mt George near Georgetown and Low Head, her to take photos ( and me to undertake another portable ultralight dxing session. We left home just before 9am and headed down the West Tamar highway before turning off and heading across the Batman Bridge where it crosses the Tamar River.

Just before Georgetown we turned right and drove the 2km to the car park of the Mt George lookout. We parked the car and headed on foot to the top of the lookout. From this location you have a very good view of the surrounding area which is great for photography. While my wife was taking photos I undertook a portable ultralight dxing session on the top of the lookout where I logged 34 stations which were a mix of Tasmania and Victorian stations.

On leaving Mt George we headed in to Georgetown for some much needed food and refreshments. We then headed out to the Low Head light house which is the most Northern point on the eastern side of the Tamar River. We walked down to the water line over the rocks and then followed this around to the Western side of the light house. I found a nice spot to set up while my wife went off to take some photos.

From this location I logged 38 stations including 5SE (Mount Gambier) on 963kHz at a distance of 664km. Overall this spot proved to be a much better location than the Mt George lookout, it would make an excellent night time DXing location except for the fact that the gates are locked at 5pm each day. I suspect that parking outside the gates and walking in would be possible if a group of other people could be found to also do this with me.

At this point we packed up and headed back to Launceston, this time straight back down the East Tamar highway. Overall it was a very enjoyable morning and both locations proved worthwhile for possible use again in the future.



 View for Mt George Lookout

 View for Mt George Lookout

View for Mt George Lookout

Standing on top of the lookout

Ultralight DXing with the Tecsun PL-380

View for Mt George Lookout towards Low Head with my wife.

Mt George Lookout

Mobile phone / EDACS network / microwave linking / Commercial two way towers - Mt George

Caught having a snack

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Tecsun PL-380

Tecsun PL-380

A happy ultralight dxer

Making one of my videos

Walking back to the car


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