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PR4AmateurRadio Expo

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PR4AmateurRadio Expo will take place on April 11-13, 2014

The WIA is strongly behind this Expo which harnesses its many affiliates as they showcase the benefits of modern amateur radio and engage the community. A commitment of up to 12 hours is being sought on a day by them.

Like other promoted activities people do better understand, appreciate and may join them. The promotion of amateur radio relies on having the right messages and trained radio amateurs to effectively give them. Apart from having knowledgeable radio amateurs on hand, please also consider that they should reflect the community by their different age groups, both sexes, and that they are trained in what to say on the day.

At all times act and look professional. For the best image a display must be neat, tidy, and always safe. This is an excellent opportunity to expose the public to the many diverse positive elements of amateur radio and how
it fits into the community. Part of the effort should be designed to get people interested in and taking up amateur radio. It helps to have Foundation Licence training and assessments ready to go after Easter giving those attending the Expo or reading about it in the local newspaper a chance to give us a try.

The choice of a location is important to give amateur radio good exposure to the public. The opportunities exist, however it does require advance planning including site owner approvals. The guidelines and other details about how to join for the PR4AmateurRadio Expo will be issued later.


To publicise modern and diverse amateur radio that is easily accessible to people from all walks of life. Through exhibitions, showcase the very diverse hobby enjoyed by those of all ages, gender and ability. On air support may be given by WIA Directors, Office-bearers and members.


The weekend of April 11, 12 & 13 April 2014 gives the choice of using any time on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday. A public event on one of those days should provide good exposure for the hobby. 


Now invited on the form on the webpage. After the Expo send a report of the event to the WIA to receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Each Foundation Licence holder having contributed to the Expo, and proven media coverage, will be recognised.


The Expo is open to all, either being part of a dedicated small team at a public exhibition or on the air. 


A number of people (at least four) must interact with the public and supervise equipment. A dedicated person is responsible for site safety including EMR limits and electrical distribution. Where possible try to use renewal energy sources and a variety of modes to show portability and range of activity.

Clubs or groups are responsible for obtaining any required permits or permission to operate at their chosen place. Ideally this will be in a public place to show off our hobby, but may also form a publicised open day at a club.

A sign in visitors book is highly recommended to provide follow-up contact opportunity. A planned Foundation Licence class is an additional talking point. The event must include a public information table which promotes amateur radio. Posters and other promotional material may be used.

By registering you agree to be bound by the guidelines on the conduct of the Expo, site safety, public liability insurance, and the final decision of the WIA on the interpretation of the guidelines and the outcome.


Expo stations are to log each contact. Separate logs are needed for each transmitter. To show that our diverse hobby uses different modes these are encouraged where possible. A voice station will adequately show what we do, but also consider the use of either FM repeaters, IRLP, EchoLink, or digital modes.

Evidence and logs

To measure success of the Expo a record of activity will be gathered by the WIA. A submission may simply tell of the activity including the names/callsigns of the individual radio amateurs who ran it.

For those wanting to make a more detailed submission may include photographs (up to four), the number of visitors, potential class enrolees, contacts logged (mode break-down if possible) and media coverage.

This information can also be ideal for club's websites and newsletters to show members how it promotes the hobby.

Send to: PR4AmaterRadio Expo, Wireless Institute of Australia, PO Box 2042, Bayswater, Victoria, 3153. It is recommended that large submissions are easily identifiable files on CD or DVD media. The email address is

It is highly recommended that you keep a copy. Each submission will receive a certificate of participation. At the discretion of the WIA Board a submission may be endorsed for its contribution.

Remember the Expo is not a competition, but an opportunity for everyone whether at a public display or on the air, to show amateur radio to the public.


The following people or groups have registered to participate in PR4AmateurRadio Expo. Click each event to see further details.

Group NameSiteSuburb
The RadioActivesRuffey ParkDoncaster VICView Details
Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society IncBelair National ParkBelair SAView Details
Summerland amateur Radio ClubLismore CBD - Lismore Public LibraryLismore NSWView Details
The Townsville Amateur Radio Club Inc.Jaycar TownsvilleWest End QLDView Details
Bundaberg Amateur Radio ClubBundaberg Recreational PrecinctBundaberg QLDView Details
Robert Broomhead (WIA Director)Kilsyth South Car Boot saleKilsyth South VICView Details
EMDRCJells ParkWheelers Hill VICView Details
Ipswich District Radio clubClub HouseIpswich QLDView Details
Yarra Valley Amateur Radio GroupJaycar RingwoodRingwood VICView Details
Fred Swainston (WIA Director)ToolangiToolangi VICView Details
Shepparton and District Amateur Radio ClubShepparton ShowgroundsShepparton VICView Details
Victorian ARDF GroupWesterfolds ParkTemplestowe VICView Details
Melbourne Electronics Radio ClubBunnings Water GardensTaylors Lakes VICView Details
Central Queensland Amateur Radio Association Inc.Jaycar RockhamptonRockhampton QLDView Details
Julie VK3FOWL and Joe VK3YSPBunnings WarehouseSouth Oakleigh VICView Details
Phil WaitVK2ASDKenthurst NSWView Details
Roger HarrisonOut of town shackKenthurst NSWView Details

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