Sunday, 13 April 2014

Long Wave Radio - Launceston, Tasmania

Over the past week I have been spending some time listening to and searching the long wave band for signals using my Tecsun PL-380 ultralight radio.

From my location here in Launceston, Tasmania I have been checking the licensed frequencies off the ACMA database and also searching the whole band. I have found that around sunset (6pm) local time is the best time to hear these signals. 

Tasmanian stations I have logged:
243kHzAirservices NDB Site opp Railway Station Evandale Rd WESTERN JUNCTION
281kHzAirservices NDB Site Devonport Airport DEVONPORT
296kHzPalana Road 1km South East of Airport WHITEMARK
302kHz Airservices NDB Site Reservoir Drive WYNYARD
374kHzTea Tree Road TEA TREE

While searching the band I have found I am also able to easily / regularly hear:
350kHzDefence NDB Site RAAF Base EAST SALE 

The signal on this frequency is very strong and is a very easy copy day and night.

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