Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Cat Killed My Digitech AR1733 Ultralight Radio

Since getting my 7.5" loop stick Tecsun PL-380 late last year, my other radio (Digitec AR1733) has not seen much use, until yesterday I could not even remember the last time I had used it.

While doing some things around the house yesterday I decided to tune this to the air band for a bit of a listen. I heard a few planes and then it all went quiet for ages. When I walked back in to my office / radio room the Digitec AR1733 was on the floor dead, thinking it was just lose batteries I opened the back, this was when I heard a rattle from inside it which I had not heard before. I replaced the batteries but it was still dead.  Thinking they might have been flat I swapped these for new ones, same result. I next took the batteries out of my digital camera (which were fully charged) and put them in, same result of a dead radio. 

At this point I decided to open it up and see what had happened, the PCB was broken near the bottom battery connector on the rear PCB and the front PCB had snapped around the tuning dial, I don't know how they did it but they killed it :(

So I am now in the market for another ultralight radio, I don't use it much but I like to have a backup and the air band coverage of this model is handy at times.

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