Saturday, 26 October 2013

This morning didn’t go well

All week I had been planning on heading to Brady’s Lookout ( early this morning to do some UL DXing, I had decided on this spot for my first “out and about” session as it was only a 15 minute drive from my home and it provides a good take off point towards the mainland and is a bit further away from my local MW station on 1008kHz which does also stop reception on the frequency either side of it. Last night I charged all my batteries, prepared my radio and packed them all up with some log sheets, spare pens and a torch. I was aiming to leave about 4am to try and get in a good hours worth of listening before sunrise.

The first problem was my alarm; I set it half an hour too late, by the time I got up, out of the house and to Brady’s lookout it was already starting to get day light, a quick check of the band showed very little reception. Still I decided to stay and see what if anything new I could hear.

The second problem was my torch; it is a LED one which I have had for a few years and it is only small and runs off two AA batteries. I was using this to see my log sheet but if the torch came too close to my radio it would produce all sorts of weird signals. Based on this I had to stop using it.

I did a check of the whole band, this time with the torch off. A few of the regular stations were heard but at a much reduced volume level. I also noticed as the sun started to rise more that I was getting quite a bit of band noise towards the top end around 1400kHz, I walked around a little bit but could not find any local noise sources that might be causing it. Not really feeling it and being a bit tired due to the early start I decided to pack up and head home. This is where problem three happened.

Earlier this week I posted about the ways which people carry radio gear, I was thinking about looking at a new way to do this. As I was packing up the zip on my waist pack camera bag which I had been using broke, this now means I have to try and replace it with something suitable.

Overall it was quite a disappointing morning but I will come back next time with the lessons learned to hopefully get some better results.

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